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BUE is Egypt’s major university delivering British Higher Education with students graduating with both Egyptian and UK degrees. It is the largest face-to-face provision of British Transnational Higher Education in the Middle East, leading in Educational Quality, the Student Experience, and Research and Enterprise.

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About BUE

Founded by British and Egyptian government initia­tives, the British University in Egypt (BUE) was inau­gurated on the 22nd of March, 2006, by their Royal High­nesses the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall.

The Mission of the BUE Founder was to create a quality educational institution that would produce graduates with the skills and knowl­edge to contribute effectively to the development of Egypt, the MENA region and beyond. The British system of Higher Education was therefore adopted for the rigour of its Quality Assurance proce­dures and educational philosophy focus­ing on the development of graduates with independent learning and transferable employability skills.

The BUE welcomed its first cohort of students in 2005. They began their degree studies on a brand new state-of-the-art campus covering approximately 40 acres (feddans) of land. Environmental concerns were incor­porated in the design of the campus. The architectural concept underlying the planning and construction of the campus conveys a traditional British model of buildings used by UK civic universities over a century ago. The columns of the main entrance, the dome over the auditorium and the treatment of windows through­out, carry forward themes that can be found in uni­versities such as Manchester Metropolitan University and the University of Leeds, together with universities forming part of the University of London.

In what was considered a ground breaking initiative, the BUE agreed a partnership with Loughbor­ough University, one of the United Kingdom’s leading research universities. Partnerships with UK univer­sities have now been widened to include those with London South Bank University as well as with Queen Margaret University and Edinburgh University. Most undergraduate programmes offered by the BUE are dual awards. Students who successfully complete all the requirements of our programmes, in accordance with the BUE University Regulations, graduate with two Bachelor’s Degrees: one from the British University in Egypt and the other from the UK partner university. This en­sures that graduates receive national and international recognition for their academic achievements and qual­ifications, and as a result are targeted by leading Egyp­tian, Arab and international employers.

The University is committed to the development of high quality academic programmes and a comprehen­sive high quality student experience. The BUE operates within the framework of the UK Quality Assurance Agency and provides teaching in a style and to the standards equiv­alent to those in UK universities. It focuses on teaching students «How to think not what to think». This en­courages them to develop problem-solving and analyt­ical skills through a personalised and independent ap­proach to learning.

BUE students benefit from strong links with business partners in both Egypt and the Unit­ed Kingdom, as well as with a range of exchange programmes, training opportunities, internships and employment in Egypt, the region and globally. But the BUE is not only an educational institution, it is also a thriving social and cultural centre with much to offer students of any nationality or social background. As a result the achievements of today’s graduates match in standard those of UK students and the best in the world.

In developing an institutional research profile, the Uni­versity encourages all-round academic excellence and personal integrity alongside the development of forward-thinking philosophies, innovation and a strong team-working spirit.

BUE research and enterprise missions target advancing research and its output through specialised centres, research grants, international collaboration, postgraduate education, technology transfer and spinning-off research outcomes. A significant number of research-active staff publish in top international journals, among top cited research. BUE runs fourteen research centres: the Centre for Advanced Materials (CAM), the Centre for Advanced Informatics and Business Intelligence (CA­IBI), the Centre for Drug Research and Development (CDRD), the Centre for Emerging Learning Technol­ogies (CELT), the Centre for Innovation, Governance and Green Economy (CIGGE), the Centre for Renew­able Energy (CRE), the Centre for Simulation Innova­tion and Advanced Manufacturing (SIAM), the Centre for Sustainability and Future Studies (CSFS), the Cen­tre for Theoretical Physics (CTP), and the Centre for Preventive Maintenance (CPM). Moreover, the following research centres have been added: Magdy Yacoub Heart Research Centre (MYHRC), BUE Nanotech­nology Research Center (NTRC), Dentistry Research Centre (DRC), and Centre for Law and Emerging Technologies (CLET).

As it continues well into its second decade the BUE is proud of its significant progress in achieving the goals set out in its initial Strategic Plan. The University has be­come a broad spectrum university and the number of faculties has increased from three to ten, with ad­ditional faculties scheduled to open in the coming aca­demic year. In addition, the University has completed an ambitious building programme to support the delivery of its academic programmes and of a quality student experience. Central among these is the Library which acts as an icon of BUE’s com­mitment to learning and research. The Universi­ty has also been highly successful in attracting increasing numbers of qualified students, numbering this academic year more than ten thousand in ten faculties. Finally, the University has not only developed quality undergraduate programmes, but also a growing num­ber of postgraduate programmes.

This combination of growth and quality clearly testifies to the success of the University. The British University in Egypt has been placed in the top 81 – 90 in the 2019 QS Arab Region University Rankings. In this ranking and in US-News Global Ranking 2019, BUE is placed at the top of Egypt’s Private Universities, accredited by the Egyptian Supreme Council of Universities.

The BUE offers a vibrant and creative environment in which to provide a transformational British Higher Educational experience. A commitment to the delivery of high standards, the development of enhanced learning techniques, together with a broad student experience, ensure that the BUE helps shape Egypt’s leaders of tomorrow. Moreover, ambitious plans for the Universi­ty include a Business Incubator, Science and Innovation Park, Industrial Park and much more in the Post Graduate, Research and Enterprise arenas to be implemented according to the University’s Strategic Plan for 2017-2022.