Chair: President

Secretary: Provided by the Office of the University Registrar and Chief Operating Officer Members:
  • Vice-Presidents
  • University Registrar and Chief Operating Officer
  • Deans
  • Head of English Department
  • Two members of the academic staff of each Faculty, elected by the academic staff of the Faculty for one year, eligible for re-election for one further one-year term
  • The President of the Students' Union or his/her nominee from the Students' Union
Responsible for:
  1. Developing, monitoring and promoting the University's academic work and provision at all levels whether on or off campus, and to keep standards and quality under regular review
  2. Oversight, monitoring and developing the University's policies and procedures in relation to matters of quality and standards and to promote good practice
  3. Regulating the admission of students to the University, implementing the guidelines set by the University Board
  4. Regulating the conduct and discipline of students
  5. Interrogating student satisfaction, admissions, retention, progression and achievement data from across the institution.
  6. Decision making remit:
  7. To recommend to University Board changes to the academic and programme regulations.
  8. To recommend to the University Board the approval of new programmes of study and the amendment and withdrawal of existing programmes.
  9. To recommend to the University Board upon proposals from Examination Boards the award of Degrees, Diplomas, Certificates and other academic awards to persons who shall have pursued an approved programme of study or research in a manner satisfactory to the Senate, the persons having satisfied the regulations for the award.
  10. Approving the University Teaching and Learning Strategy.
  11. On what the Senate deems to be good grounds in the exercise of its discretion, to recommend to the University Board that it deprive any person of any Degree, distinction, title, academic award, Diploma or Certificate, conferred on or granted to that person by the University and to recommend withdrawal of such privileges as may be associated therewith.
  12. To consider recommendations and then to recommend to the University Board the appointment of internal and external examiners and to determine their conditions of appointment and service.
Meetings: Minimum 4 times a year
Quorum: The Chair and 50% of Members