BUE will be highly ranked and internationally respected, making a significant contribution to the development of Egypt and the MENA Region.

Operating on a vibrant 21st Century university campus, offering a modern innovative British style education producing distinctive, highly employable and high calibre graduates contributing to the development of Egypt and the MENA region.


To provide an academic environment which encourages and draws together research, learning and teaching and engagement with the social, professional and business communities to underpin high quality academic provision.

To offer a range of academic programs and a learning environment which is attractive to both Egyptian and international students and which, where appropriate, recognize the requirements of employers.

To provide responsive academic and learner services which give students the best possible experience of higher education and opportunities to succeed.
To provide an attractive and accessible university campus environment and range of facilities, both educational and recreational, in the context of a long-term estates strategy.

To provide a broad student experience, producing graduates who will be equipped with the tools to continue to learn and develop through their careers and social and cultural experiences.

To be an exemplary provider to business and industry across a broad subject range, offering high quality expertise to stimulate and support demand for innovative solutions, knowledge transfer and collaboration in support of economic development.

To engender a culture across the University which encourages and supports student participation in voluntary, community and employment based opportunities, including work and placements and new business ventures.

To foster and build mutually advantageous strategic alliances with other national and international partners, in order to offer a range of well supported demand-led learning opportunities.

To recognize staff as a primary resource of the University and to promote an environment of mutual respect where staff are valued, motivated and provided with professional development opportunities.

To attain financial stability, grow the range of income sources supporting the University activities and operate cost effectively.