The BUE is now emerging into a new phase of its existence. During the first eight years the main concern was directed towards the establishment of the undergraduate programmes and ensuring the necessary quality assurance framework and procedures are embedded and integrated within the system.

The BUE is now exploring potential expansions and developments to achieve its pre-set vision and mission. Such developments include the establishment of new undergraduate programmes, the introduction of postgraduate programmes, engaging in community service activities and emphasizing relevant research activities. Several short-term plans have been introduced and implemented, over the first eight years, which guided the achievement of the current standing of the BUE.

A five-year strategic plan that covers the main three areas of engagement, namely, teaching & learning, research and community service, has been developed and approved in 2013. Due to the growing size of the BUE and the new expected direction in its development, as stated in the strategic plan, an institutional planning and development unit is now needed to conduct surveys, analyze data, guide, plan, propose and support the decision making process within the BUE.

The Institutional Planning and Development Unit (IPDU) facilitates the collection, analysis, planning and performance evaluation of the institution in general. Being the central repository for statistical information of the University, the unit responds to requirements for information from internal and external bodies, in addition to conducting research on topics of interest to the University decision-making process with a view to enhancing institutional effectiveness. The unit would publish its reports and recommendations on its webpage.