Chair: President
Secretary: Provided by the Office of the President

  • Vice Presidents
  • Secretary General
  • University Registrar and Chief Operating Officer
  • Three different Deans chosen annually by the President. One from each of the three scientific areas in the University (i.e. Engineering/Informatics, Medical and Arts & Humanities).
1. To act as a consultative advisory group for the University President.
2. To act as a consultative group on policy and operational proposals prior to finalisation and during implementation.

Discuss, Receive and Approve

3. Proposals from Logistics Group
4. Proposals from Strategy & Planning Group
5. Proposals from Budgetary Group

Responsible for:

6. Following up on the execution of University policies and strategies across the administration and faculties of the University.
7. Encouraging communication and the flow of information across the University and transparency and collegiality amongst members, thereby aiding decision-making.
8. Interacting as required with external bodies in relation to matters of strategic partnerships, accreditation, validation, quality and standards.

Decision making remit:
9. To take decisions on matters deemed urgent which require immediate action.

Meetings: Minimum Monthly
Quorum: The Chair and 50% of Members