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Teaching and Learning. We at BUE are committed to providing our students not merely with degrees but also with the skills to put what they have learned to use in their careers. This enables them, whenever they change employment, to apply these skills to new areas. This is a key part of the University’s Strategic Plan and it naturally depends on the nature and quality of our teaching.

BUE ensures that teaching is fit for this purpose by aligning it with the most enlightened current international developments in teaching and learning. They seek to make possible, as a core component of the Student Experience, teaching that is communicative, project based and student centred.

The Centre for Teaching and Learning supports this important objective with numerous resources. You are invited to review and use them. We will also appreciate your suggestions as to how the continuing usefulness of the Centre can be enhanced.

Leslie Croxford
Senior Vice-President for Learning and Teaching.

About CTL

The Centre for Teaching and Learning at the BUE was created to inspire excellence and innovation in teaching and learning. It endeavours to achieve this by providing Staff Development activities to support academic staff, including teaching assistants in their pursuit of teaching excellence and learning success, and by doing so is in keeping with the University’s Strategic Plan (2017-2022).

The CTL will enhance the practice of teaching and learning by:

  • Supporting academic staff to develop pedagogy for the continuous enhancement of learner-centred teaching. 
  • Assisting Teaching Assistants to develop effective teaching skills.
  • Facilitating staff development sessions to enhance the knowledge and skills of staff. 
  • Providing staff development opportunities to ensure constructive and active learning environments.

Services of the Centre:

  • Establishing helpful website links and resources.
  • Organising presentations/workshops on teaching/learning/technology topics.
  • Organising staff development days on teaching and learning topics.
  • Planning and implementing teacher training programmes for fresh graduates.
  • Planning and implementing teaching enhancement sessions for academic staff.