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1- How do I find contact information for BUE Students, Faculty and Staff?

Students can find information on the Website of BUE University www.bue.edu.eg

2- What are the general phone number and mailing address of the University?

BUE phone: 022689000 Hotline: 19283 Mail Address: Admission@bue.edu.eg

3- What is the BUE's mission statement?

To promote cultural, economic, social and technological development through the creation, and dissemination, of new knowledge via research and capable graduates, educated to the best UK academic standards, independent learners and know. (HOW TO THINK NOT WHAT TO THINK)

4- What do the letters BUE stand for?

BUE B: British U: University E: Egypt

5- What Programmes does BUE offer?

BUE offers 7 Faculties 1.Business Administration, Economics, and Political Science. 2. Faculty of Engineering. 3. Faculty of Informatics and Computer Science. 4. Faculty of Dentistry. 5. Faculty of Pharmacy. 6. Faculty of Nursing. 7. Faculty of Communication & Mass Media Faculty of Business Administration, Economics, and Political Science. BSc (Hons) Business Administration: The programme offers a broad understanding of Business and Management but allows you to specialise in a specific area: ▪ Accounting and Finance ▪ Entrepreneurship and Sustainability ▪ Human Resource Management ▪ International Business ▪ Management Information Systems ▪ Marketing BSc (Hons) Economics BSc (Hons) Political Science Faculty of Dentistry Faculty of Engineering: The Engineering undergraduate programmes consist of a Preparatory Year followed by four years in one of six programmes. Upon successful completion of the Preparatory Year, students are registered in a programme of their Choice provided that they satisfy the programme's entry requirements. • BSc (Hons) Architectural Engineering • BSc (Hons) Chemical Engineering • BSc (Hons) Civil Engineering • BSc (Hons) Electrical & Communications Engineering • BSc (Hons) Mechanical Engineering • BSc (Hons) Petroleum Engineering & Gas Technology Faculty of Informatics and Computer Science: The programme offers a broad understanding of Informatics and Computer Science but allows you to specialise in a specific area: • Computer Science • Information Systems • Software Engineering • Computer Networks Faculty of Nursing Faculty of Pharmacy

6- What are the admissions and visa requirements for international students?

Refer to Mail Address: (Admission1@bue.edu.eg)

7- Where can I find information about Financial Aid?

You can find information about the Financial Aid in the BUE leaflets or by contacting: - Admission1@bue.edu.eg

8- What distance learning programmes are offered by BUE?

BUE offers Islamic Economics and Business (ISEB) by Distance Learning (which will open soon)

9- Does BUE offer short courses?

Yes, BUE offers courses through CCCS (Centre for Consulting and Community Service) which is located on the BUE campus but operates at a variety of locations, including in-company. See Community on the BUE website for further details

10- Does BUE offer summer school opportunities?

- Yes, BUE offers a summer school. It can be reached through CCCS.

11- Does BUE offer English for non-native speakers?

- Yes BUE offer English courses through CCCS.

12- Where can I find Information about online BUE courses and EDX?

- Through the BUE website www.bue.edu.eg

13- Does BUE rent facilities for non-BUE events?

- No, the BUE does not offer that.

14- Can I use the BUE libraries if I am not a member of the BUE?

- Unfortunately the libraries only serve the BUE Undergraduates/Postgraduates & Staff.

15- How can I find about BUE events?

- BUE Website (http://www.bue.edu.eg) - PR Department (http://www.bue.edu.eg/index.php/administrative-departments/public-relations-communications) - Student Activities office (http://www.bue.edu.eg/index.php/administrative-departments/resources-student-activities) - BUE Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/britishuniversityegypt)

16- Are there Campus tours for visitors?

- Yes there are, please visit the website, to find scheduled visits & Open days through the Marketing Department.

17- How can I learn more about The BUE Dorms?

- Please visit the Website www.bue.edu.eg facilities section

18- Where can I learn more about the history of the BUE?

- You can find the BUE history on the Website (www.bue.edu.eg)

19- How can I apply for a job at BUE?

- Check the job vacancy section on the BUE Website

20- How can I post a job for BUE students?

- Send the vacancy to PR/ HR department in order to announce it.

21- How can I get memorabilia and other items with the BUE Insignia?

- Contact the Marketing department (http://www.bue.edu.eg/index.php/administrative-departments/marketing)

22- How can I make a gift for BUE University?

- Send it to the Marketing department.