Establishing a collaborative agreement in Egypt to develop a Nursing College with Queen Margaret University in Scotland (QMU) follows as a result of Dr. Akef Maghrabi - Chairman, Magrabi Group and Al Noor Magrabi Foundation - approaching QMU to be a partner in developing a Nursing Faculty within the British University in Egypt (BUE).

The overall aim of this programme is to enable undergraduate nurses to develop intellectual, professional and personal skills, required to promote health, prevent illness and provide care nationally and internationally.The graduate will contribute to the development of the profession through leadership, evidence based practice and the transfer of knowledge. During this process the students will achieve the competencies/outcomes required by current Nursing Sector at the Supreme Council of Universities and the Ministry of Health as well as the quality assurance requirements of the BUE and QMU.

Arrangements for quality assurance of the award of BSc (Hons) Nursing from QMU are set out in the Memorandum of Agreement for the partnership.

A Joint Board of Studies, Programme Committee and Student-Staff Committee will operate for the Programme in accordance with QMU requirements published on the QMU Quality website at:

A Joint Board of Examiners, Convened by the Head of Subject, Nursing, QMU, will consider all student results and make recommendations on progression and award to the Senate of QMU and the Senate of BUE. The Joint Board of Examiners acts with delegated authority on behalf of the QMU Senate and BUE Senate. It will operate in accordance with the regulations published on the QMU Quality website at:

An annual report and action plan will be prepared by the programme team for consideration by the Joint Board of Studies, School Academic Board at QMU and BUE Senate according to the guidelines published on the QMU Quality website at:

An annual monitoring process is also carried out by the profession’s regulatory body in Egypt.