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The British University in Egypt opened in 2005. It aims to be a leading research and teaching University in the region providing British Higher education, both in terms of quality and delivery. In pursuit of this goal, the University has already established a reputation for innovative educational provision, student-centred learning and a research profile.

We are looking for candidates who share our creativity, energy, ambition and passion for high quality education, equality and diversity. Working within the BUE community, you will play a key role in ensuring the success of our students. For further information on vacancies, check the vacancies link.

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How to apply?

The British University in Egypt aims to recruit people who are skilled, highly qualified, enthusiastic, flexible and committed to helping the University fulfil its mission and strategic objectives.Thank you for the interest that you have shown in the British University in Egypt. We welcome your enquiry and hope that you will proceed with your application once you have read these guidance notes and accompanying information.

1. Your Recruitment Pack
In completing your application please refer to the following documents which are all available on the BUE website:

  • General Information about the BUE
  • Job Description
  • Staff Application Form
  • Guidance Notes for Applicants

2. The Recruitment Process
The recruitment process at the BUE has the following stages:

  • Submission of application forms
  • Applicants short listed
  • Candidates interviewed
  • Offer of post subject to satisfactory references
  • Agreement on starting grade and salary
  • Issue of formal offer and agreement on start date

3. Job Description and Person Specification

The job description normally has two parts: Job Responsibilities and  Person Specification.
Job Responsibilities section describes the duties of the post and provides details of the responsibilities to be undertaken.
Person Specification is used in determining whether you will be short listed for interview. Section 8 in the application form (Other Information in Support of Your Application / Supporting Statement) should enable you to demonstrate your suitability for the position for which you are applying. Please ensure that you highlight any information that shows how you meet the requirements of the Person Specification.

4. The Staff Application Form
Please complete the application form in as much detail as necessary. Candidates must disclose on the application form whether, to their knowledge, they are related to any member or employee of the University. A candidate who is found to have supplied false or incomplete information knowingly will, if appointed, be liable for dismissal.

The application form has nine sections:
      Section 1 – Details of Post
Please state clearly which post you are applying for and where your saw it advertised.

      Section 2 – Personal Details
Make sure that your name, address, e-mail address, and your telephone numbers are provided as we may need to contact you by telephone during the application process. Please provide appropriate numbers to allow this.

      Section 3 – Educational Details
Please list most recent qualifications first, giving details of qualifications obtained with dates of award. If you have not finished a course write 'incomplete'. Legalised copies of all relevant certificates will be required prior to taking up a post at the University.

      Section 4 – Other Qualifications
Please list all relevant publications, committees, fellowships, awards, conferences and supervision of research students.

      Section 5 – Present / Most Recent Employment & Salary
Please provide details listing your main duties and responsibilities. Please enter your gross annual salary. Documentary evidence will be required of your salary in your most recent post. Please state clearly the notice period required and the earliest time at which you would be available to take up a post at the BUE.

      Section 6 – Career History
Please list all posts starting with the most recent first, providing dates and a brief description of main roles and responsibilities in each post. In addition to paid employment, you can include any voluntary or community work that you have undertaken, and which you consider relevant to your application.

      Section 7 - Training
Please list all relevant training and short courses you have attended within the last five years.

      Section 8 – Other Information in Support of Your Application / Supporting Statement
This is where you tell us why you are suitable for the post. Do not repeat your job history as this should already be clearly set out in the application form. Your supporting statement must address the essential criteria listed in the Person Specification of the Job Description. You should demonstrate, by giving examples, how your skills, experience and knowledge match these criteria. If necessary, further information may be attached on a separate sheet. Please ensure that your statement is no longer than two A4 pages.

      Section 9 - References
The appointment of all external candidates is subject to the receipt of three satisfactory references, one of which must be from your current or most recent employer. Referees must be people who can comment authoritatively on your personal and professional competence. Referees should not be friends, relatives or immediate colleagues. You should indicate on the application form referees who may be approached before an interview. Where possible, these references will be taken up before interview.

5. Short listing
All candidates must complete a Staff Application Form. The short-listing panel will select candidates for interview only on the basis of the information given on the application form and in particular information given in section 8 as it relates to the Person Specification.

6. Interviews
Short listed candidates will be invited to an interview. We regularly use presentations as a part of the selection process, in addition to the formal interview. You will be notified in advance of any supplementary assessment activities.
We will make every effort to provide appropriate facilities for interview candidates. If you have a particular requirement please contact Human Resources, in advance, to help ensure your interview goes smoothly.

7. Conditions of Service
There is an attractive package, for appointee and accompanying family members, including return UK flights for UK staff, accommodation and health plan.
Grades & salary will reflect qualifications and experience and will be agreed once an offer of a post has been made. The duration of appointment is normally for one year but is renewable by mutual agreement. Short term appointments and secondments are also possible, for example for a semester or part semester.
Full time instructor posts carry a maximum of 15 teaching contact hours a week. The University Workload Model allows full-time academic staff to apply for release time for approved research and/or administration. Non-teaching duties are carried out during the working hours of 8.45 am to 4.15 pm daily, Sunday through Thursday.

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